What shall I do if my flight suffers a modification?

Contact us in order to coordinate a new check in day/time.

What should I do if these deadlines pass and I do not receive a response?

In that case, there may have been some problem with the reception or classification of your request so it would be best to forward the request or write an e-mail warning that your response is delayed for a representative to review what has happened and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How should I proceed to reserve an apartment?

Once you have chosen the apartment to rent, you can send your reservation request by clicking on the "request it" button, a form will appear so that you can download the required information. We will receive your reservation request. It is subject to the acceptance of the owner. We will contact the owner and then we will write confirming the availability of the apartment for the requested dates and inviting it to the following forms of payment: in cash, through Western Union or Pay Pal. Once we receive your confirmation (you will have 24 hours to reconfirm your reservation after which the request becomes invalid and the reservation process must recommence), you. You will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information for your arrival, such as the address of the reserved department and the meeting time in the department for the delivery of the keys, contact numbers, who will receive it, and other details.

Your order will be the first one that will be put into process. We will call the owner, confirm your dates and we will reply inviting you to reconfirm the order within 24 hours. If you do not confirm within 24 hours, the next waiting list will be processed and your reservation request will be canceled. .

What is the usual deadline that I should wait to receive the response to my request?

No more than 48 hours

If there is a problem or inconvenience, we will contact you before that period.